Merry Christmas!

At DeVuego, we hope that all of our readers are enjoying the holidays. We also hope that between parties with friends and family dinners you have found time to take a look at the always interesting offers on Steam. Better or worse, every year my pocket suffers a little when that data arrives by buying huge amounts of video games, more than I can play in a lifetime. My children will of course not be able to complain about the legacy I will leave them.

Let’s say €20 has arrived on our Steam account out of nowhere. This may be the money the “Yaya” gives us as Christmas bonuses, or maybe what we won in the Christmas lottery, or maybe what we won on an accumulator bet. It’s a more than interesting number. An amount that, well spent, can become a fortune on Steam and give us many hours of fun.

I’ll tell you what I would do with €20 on Steam in the national video game catalogue. Note that I haven’t played ALL the games in the catalog and I know I’m leaving out important pieces, but it’s just a small suggestion based on personal preference as well.

Ready? Let us begin!

Ghost 1.0 – Francisco Tellez de Meneses – €6.49

We’ll start with the most expensive game on the entire list, but it’s essential. Probably the best video game produced in our country in 2016. It’s a Metroidvania (Metroid in particular) in which we’ll control the Ghost agent. A bunch of hackers want to steal a new technology and hire this agent to introduce it to the Nakmura space station. Inside the station nothing will be easy, we have to face hundreds of enemies, some bosses and all with the handicap that if we die we will lose a large part of our improvements.

Ghost 1.0 is a game that, in addition to being a lot of fun, has a more than attractive story, with many references and homages to other video games or movies. A great game with a fairly high difficulty at certain times that will compete for all the awards of the year.

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The last door. —- The kitchen game —- €2.49

All Season One for this price is a gift. One of the most acclaimed games in the national catalog in recent years. It’s a terrifying graphic adventure with a pixelated graphic style. Our protagonist Jeremiah, set at the end of the 19th century, receives a letter from Anthony, an old friend, and decides to visit him. Once there we will take part in a series of events that will frighten our protagonist and change it forever…

The Last Door is Lovecraft’s or Poe’s horror book adapted into a video game. The entire setting, from the settings to the soundtrack, helps convey a sense of uneasiness and spectacular unrest that many higher budget films or video games would envy. A game with scenes that you will really remember, only the first 5 minutes already indicate the level. If you like scary games at all, you will love this game.

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Cover. —- Tequila Works —- €2.39

A game that I’m still playing, but that shouldn’t be missing in any ranking. It’s a game with a 2D mechanic that mixes platforms and action. In an apocalyptic future, we control Randall, a survivor clinging to life only for the possibility of finding his wife and daughter. To do this, he opens the way with the help of shots. A beautiful and dark tale of shadows that will shock and delight us at the same time.

Nihilumbra —- Beautifun Games —- €2.09

You were born, but you are part of nothing. But you want to live And you manage to escape and get into the real world. But nothing follows you. It hunts you down and destroys everything in its path.

That’s the premise of the game. You have to run away, fleeing through different worlds from nothing trying to swallow you up and make you disappear. But you want to live To do this you will have to overcome all the levels of this platform and help yourself with certain powers that you will find along the way, powers that will make you modify the stage so that you can slide, climb, light areas and get rid of enemies.. .

Nihilumbra is an original platformer with an interesting use of powers that combines the use of a mouse and keyboard. But the most interesting thing is its dark and philosophical atmosphere and the questions it asks us. We see how the mentality of Born, our protagonist, develops. We are experiencing an existential crisis that will also make us think and ask us many questions.

Without a doubt my favorite game on this list.

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Outliers – Pendulum Studios – €1.99

One of the “retro” games of the entry, but also one of the most mythical in our country. Is there anyone who doesn’t know Brian Basco? Well, if you’re one of those people, get the game.

One fine evening, good old Brian accidentally runs over a girl and decides to accompany her to the hospital to make sure she recovers properly. But once there, the girl tells him that they are after her and want to kill her. Brian decides to stay with her to make sure she is safe, a decision that will change his life forever.

Certainly, when we talk about the graphic adventure genre, mythical video games like Monkey Island or Broken Sword will come to mind, but if we narrow the definition and limit it to our limits, this is undoubtedly the model. There are two more parts, but here we only leave the first one, for those who want to get started. A story full of twists, humorous moments and charismatic characters. highly recommended

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Cubotrox – The Barberians – €2.99

One of the games that surprised me the most this year 2016. A puzzle that consists in reconstructing pixelated images using neon cubes. We have to rotate each cube or rotate the screen to launch it and place it in the right place. A simple mechanics as well as addicting. It has a large number of levels, many of which reference other video games or films. An arcade game that takes us to the arcade machines of yesteryear.

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If we do a quick calculation, we see that we spent €18.44, so we still have to spend €1.56. As quick recommendations, I suggest the Commandos saga, which you can find for €0.59 per delivery, or House of Caravan for those looking for a darker and quieter game. Or even gives for both.

These are my recommendations in which I tried to mix my personal preferences with the best of 2016 and the most interesting discounts. Of course, I left out a lot of things, but I haven’t completed all the games that are out there, and not all of them have a very interesting discount. I hope you like the selection.

And happy holidays again.