We woke up a few days ago to the news that the famous YouTuber “Rubius” was planning to take part in the dubbing of Sunset Overdrive, an open-world adventure with touches of action and irreverent humor from Insomniac Games. Almost immediately, a video of the vlog star walking to appointment and taking his first steps in the dubbing studio was posted and shared massively on Twitter, unleashing the anger and visceral defenses of his two armies. , seemingly antagonistic but really necessary for the consolidation of his character in this strange universe called the Internet.

One would think that the elrubiusOMG channel’s eight million subscribers could band together to boo the avalanche of haters and create another sound barrier of chaos and growing confusion. But in this case, the negative reviews were too many and were not long in coming. The trade press, bloggers, YouTubers and other cyberfauna raised their arms and shed tears to see how one person of great fame but little experience managed to break into a highly competitive guild. For one afternoon, Twitter became that western room, raining down hosts, bottles, chairs, and the teeth of someone stepping into the ring without knowing how to fight. This room that shocks us, but that we all love to visit from time to time in case we can catch that exact moment when blood is splattering on the walls.

The YouTuber Phenomenon

As vulgar as it may be, to understand the motivations of the thinkers who devised the controversial strategy, we must turn to numbers. And the numbers, dear friends, make me dizzy for a while. Taking a quick stroll through the channels of some of our country’s most followed YouTubers, I confirmed Rubius’ leadership and discovered some truly surprising numbers. Let’s look at this chart published by Pablo López in a study on YouTube analytics in the first half of 2014

Since this is very good data, it must be taken into account that the table would be like this today, according to Social Blade.

The increase in subscribers in just a few months gives an idea of ​​how fast this market is growing and how juicy it is for companies. It is a gateway to millions of young people who are paying less and less attention to television and more and more online video. For example, if only a very small percentage of elrubiusOMG followers decided to buy the game because they thought they were crazy fans, we would be talking about 80,000 copies shipped.

For some, this very pragmatic approach is not only irrelevant, but also far from the real problem.

The dictatorship of numbers

The decision to include inexperienced “media” personalities and ignore “real” industry professionals is a long-standing debate. It seems that the marketing strategy is not enough to justify involving whom, regardless of the goals of the project. Nacho Requena, a journalist specializing in video games and a regular at Gamerzona, is consulted on the subject and believes that it doesn’t hurt the video game industry itself, since Rubén’s recruitment will allow it to generate better sales. Well, it’s a disservice to the dubbing industry: having someone “non-professional” responsible for dubbing a game degrades the quality of the profession itself. Rubén, however, is the last person to be blamed.

This is a touchy subject for those who are kicking their ass off knowing they’re going to start a few notches down, or just anyone who’s seen the dubbed version of School of Rock. Despite the fact that Rubén Doblás is defending

The question of whether they would have chosen their name if they hadn’t had the notoriety they have despite some naivety is obligatory. His channel has hundreds of videos supported by millions of users who flock in droves every time he updates. There is a vocation as a communicator, a talent that his audience appreciates on a daily basis and that, unrelated to his skills as an actor (and beware, this is a very good one), represents his second great asset as a candidate. And yet… Isn’t that reason enough to give him a call? Let’s pretend that we don’t particularly like Berto Romero’s style, or the qualities of… Lolita Flores and Irinia Shayk (A New Concept of Exoticism Just Happened) come to mind as actresses. And we had them as main characters in Rencor and secondarily in 3 Bodas de más and Hércules, with Goyas (deserved) in between. There was no sour spit, because in the world of cinema, the commercial hooks are essential for products with a clear orientation at the box office. Javier Sanz, director of the ADSL Zone group, is aware that the Youtuber in question must take great care and that the company responsible for the video game will impose a series of quality requirements.

It was indicated that Rubius will only double a secondary character and we didn’t really see the result of his work (what is in the video can be a reading test or the interpretation itself, it is not explained), but the media, more cautious , that users have condemned, but still just as sharply, play with a mocking tone that affects the morale of the person concerned by this matter

It’s hard to accept that after dedicating himself to the world of hooligan humor and gaining fame thanks to his trolling videos, he’s unable to accept destructive criticism with the same sarcasm; Although we’re talking about work, and to be fair, his hasn’t been released yet. The wit, wit, gall and destructiveness projected onto him are the result of an approach closer to a showman’s theatrical humor than a true desire for information. Requena is clear that Rubén was unfair:

It’s not his fault that Microsoft calls him to dub a video game. Who wouldn’t? The fault lies with the editor, who puts profit before the final quality of the product, not Rubén, who is just the one who takes the most sticks without any reason. But this is a money-making industry, and the day after Rubius’ participation in this game was announced, everyone was talking about him. And the biggest proof is that we talk about it (laughs).

It is precisely this determination that some people demand from an industry that has to work every day in order to be taken seriously. Something that is contrary to the commercial vision of some companies that do the impossible to attract new buyers, including favoring these young people over sometimes the traditional press. When asked about the generalization of the phenomenon, Javier Sanz explains

Personally I don’t think that’s a bad thing, after all brands are looking for distribution and audience and that’s something they can find in these types of “pros”. It saddens me that the media with experience could be pushed aside by this phenomenon which in reality is not sure if it will be used for sale or not. You can have a lot of subscribers on YouTube, but that doesn’t guarantee that an interested recipe will bear fruit commercially.

A busy house

Twitter, the voice of the people or the voice of an identified people and another hiding in the mockery of anonymity, has made the free promo again. Eight million people seems like enough to prick up the ears of executives like my dog’s when he hears the word “award.” Enough as the hundreds of thousands of likes that the blogger gets when called to a movie without ever toasting in the spotlight. Does this mean that we, as champions of art, cannot say nor mu? Clearly, the RRSS are there to give a voice to a great mass of angry consumers, especially when it comes to professionals who see life going by too long in a bank. It might have been nice to see whoever was demanding respect for their profession in a position closer to the ground. I mean, everyone’s a little more…sensible? Everyone is exposed to the unleash and suffers the wrath of the little bird if they decide to voluntarily register; although Twitter would then probably not be Twitter but, as my grandmother used to say, a Maccabee scroll.