While those who follow us on Twitter have surely heard us talk about Temtem, a Crema Games project, we haven’t had a few for the Spanish game that has garnered more support on Kickstarter and dropped Blasphemous Rows on our pages are dedicated to an amazing 11,716 backers and $573,939.

Temtem is an adventure in which we’ll have to collect colorful creatures, train them and evolve them to later use them in battles with other players from the islands where the action takes place. The premise immediately recalls the Poket Monster format, also its aesthetics, but it differs from it in the depth that hides an online multiplayer that Crema wants to make a differentiating element and the main axis of the game.

Selling Temtem exudes ambition. Despite the difficulties (team size, price of development kits for different platforms, development time…) for a small studio to work on a multiplatform title, Crema has not long ago confirmed that the game will also be released digitally on Xbox One and PS4 , console versions that will be added to those already announced for Switch and PC. Of course, for those who are thinking of helping them access the Alpha and Early Access versions, they also remind us that these are “only offered on Steam for PC”.

Coming back to the game itself, if there’s a statement of intent that the Spanish company repeats like a mantra, it’s “Temtem isn’t a Pokémon.” His project is a competitive MMO with the PC community in mind, which has been asking for a genre title for their platform for some time. In fact, communicating with players will be fundamental to achieving one of the game’s fundamental goals: making random battles disappear to encourage a top-level competitive scene with a solid ranking structure. And it is that chance can be fun, but “means that the best does not always win”.

Gillermo Andrades, the game’s director, commented in an interview with FreeGameTips that this is where Pokémon offers its least friendly face for a certain type of player. The perception of Pikachu and parlor games as children’s titles is also derived from this; If we turn to the usual lists of the best video games of the 90s, we will not find this classic of the big N from 1996; Yes, if we look at sales things change quite a bit. Crema strives to form a dynamic community that contributes with balancing and distribution suggestions. It’s easy to have a relatively balanced pool of creatures when chance plays a big part in combat, but when you take that out, it’s quite a challenge to adjust 150 or 160 characters so the meta doesn’t get stuck at 20 or 30 remains. In a competitive game, level adjustment is crucial; Ask Capcom or Arc System…

Everything is designed to play online, starting with the introduction of a more than proven system, the pick and ban, common in MOBAs of the likes of DOTA or LoL, to determine the starting lineup. As such, some of the rival’s Temtem are selected and discarded, starting with a group of ten, limiting the number to four per competitor.

Three game modes have been announced so far: the classic free-form exploration of the archipelago, sharing space with other players; the friendly, which does not influence our profile; and the competitive one, where the world classifications and rankings will appear. “You will always see people (…), you can interact with them at any time, even in campaign mode (…). Everything is connected”. So is offline play excluded? No, but from Crema they comment on the complications that this entails from a hacking point of view, manipulating the saved files to modify creatures. We already know that maintaining of balance is crucial for the development team. Therefore, first of all, the Internet is necessary to be able to play and avoid major problems. The disadvantage that arises is the value of portability in the purchase decision for Switch, one of the platforms on where the Spanish title has attracted the most interest, but you can always resort to tethering or a friendly wifi.

In a game like this, much of the success comes from the design and depth of the creature park; The total number at launch is estimated at around 160 Temtem, divided into 12 types with their own resistance and weakness values. a number that makes it possible to maintain a balance between variety and balance of properties. For each creature there will be a total of two evolutions and ramifications depending on the method of evolution. The moves are currently shuffling four per Temtem, but there is still uncertainty as to how to learn them.

We couldn’t talk about the characters and let the story of the $6,000 platypus roll by. An Italian artist presented a fan art that spread like wildfire in anticipation of the eighth generation of Pokémon. He was soon rejected, but one of the characters, the blue platypus, became a phenomenon. One of the Kickstarter backers asked Crema about the possibility of using this monster’s design in the game (the option to create a custom Temtem was considered with a price tag of $6,000). The study contacted the creator of the character and eventually she will appear in the first collection when she premieres.

Temtem makes you wait. The official launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be in 2020 (in Spanish, English and French). Those who backed it on Kickstarter will enjoy the aforementioned access to an Alpha in late 2018, leaving Steam Early Access for the final quarter of 2019.