In any situation, no matter how complex, you should always try to get a positive result. At least I think so. The threat posed by the coronavirus is a very serious matter and it forces us into a kind of “quarantine” which unfortunately seems long and harsh. It is in our power to use the time, to take it with philosophy and humor and even to emerge from this time strengthened. Video games are one of the great entertainments we have and we will try to make use of it.

We’ve gathered our writers on duty and put together a small and impromptu list of recommendations that will keep you entertained for hours. The idea is to prepare one article per week for the duration of the detention. There is something for everyone, although we took extra care to look for cheap or free options. Remember: stay home, wash your hands and play.

Américo Ferraiuolo’s recommendation: Heart & Slash

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time I’ve recommended Heart & Slash in an article like this, but the thing is, I’m not going to stop doing it until everyone else has played it. We’re talking about a wonderful roguelike in which we control a Roboc with a tube TV per head (very similar to FLCL) that has to face many enemies and flee the facilities where it was created. To achieve this, we can use melee weapons of all kinds, from swords, axes and giant hammers to fists, baseball bats and sharp objects of all kinds. Depending on the choice, the style of play will change significantly (it’s not the same as a giant opponent with rocket-propelled hammer blows than overpowering him with very fast ice sword blows), but I assure you that they are all based on a hack & slash, easy to control and extremely entertaining. Likewise, the title has an interesting and fun story that is unlockable and a cell shading / neon aesthetic that makes me freak out.

This type of game, with such a great deal of chance and in which each game is different from the previous one, seems to me to be the perfect companion for a situation like the one we are going through, because you can spend so many hours, it is practically infinite. Plus, as my motto says, it’s always a good time to control a rogue robot that is fleeing from a mega-corporation and piercing its enemies with a fire-filled katana.

Heart & Slash is available for One, PS4, Switch and PC

Alba Zahira’s recommendation: Platonic games.

Since I imagine that we will use this time at home to do a thousand pending things that we always leave to ourselves due to lack of time, I bring you a selection of casual mobile games for the moments of calm that we allow ourselves. All of these games are from Platonic Games, one of the most profitable companies in Spain and growing, but … THEY ARE FREE GAMES !!! And there is certainly something for every taste:

  • Sailor Cats: collecting game for fishing. You will help the cats to build larger ships and, in addition to resources for the ships, you will receive all kinds of costumes, while you save the lost cats so that you can add them to your crew. Easy to play, you can play with one finger just by pressing the screen for the whole family.
  • Happy Hop: Endless jumping game. We’ll be jumping from platform to platform trying to get as high as possible. It contains more than 70 pets and more than 20 different backgrounds and can additionally decorate our house with the different items that we get from the chests that we find. Easy to play (just tap the left or right side of the screen to direct the jump) and for the whole family.
  • Symmetry: Puzzle and Challenges to the Mind. With a minimalist design, they give a twist to puzzle based intelligence games with a very simple and easy to understand concept, you can also play it in two player mode. It’s not aimed at a kid audience, but who knows … there are plenty of kids out there who are geniuses!
  • Kawaii Kitchen: Cooking game in which we’ll make hundreds of hamburgers and delicious shakes with colored juices for our customers. We find more than 10 restaurants and 40 chefs in addition to 50 collection costumes. Easy to play (can be played with one finger) and for the whole family.

I hope you enjoy it and, above all, that you have the mobile phone charger close by!

Jaume Alto’s recommendation: the path to Mnemosyne

The time in detention will be difficult for many of us. Not even those who are used to spending the day addicted at home like me, other than taking their dog off and going to work, will not have it badly. It’s a delicate moment when we re-evaluate our priorities and realize the importance of small details like quiet shopping or going for a walk and sunbathing. Moment of introspection. And video games of course! Something that, without a doubt, makes me recommend Path to Mnemosyne during this quarantine. A journey where we search the depths of our mind and subconscious to explore the depths of memory.

Path to Monemosyne is a one-of-a-kind experience with a brilliant artistic proposal that leads to a puzzle game in a tunnel with infinite zoom and shades of gray. It can be confusing or uncomfortable for some. In fact, the environment is built up by recurring elements of the various phobias we may suffer from. It’s not a long game either. During these times it may be wise to get carried away by products that will provide hours of entertainment, but my recommendation goes in other directions. Path to Mnemosyne is a practically unique experience in this medium and in itself recommendable. It is also available on practically all current consoles, PCs and recently also on iOS and Android. On these platforms we can find it at a better price, around € 5.

Recommendation from Sam Sempere: You survived: trauma is an ideal website for finding short games that deviate from the usual. Sometimes they are small experiments with no commercial claim, born to try out the video game as a narrative medium. Such is the case with You Survived: Trauma, the first visual novel by Lin Carbajales (Gorgon Games). This little piece of work belongs to the genre of psychological terror.

In trauma we acquire the identity of Eli, a young woman who is trapped in a terrible situation after returning from class. His brother was murdered. Jorge’s bloody body lies on his bed and the person who killed him is hiding in some room. As Eli, we can either escape or stay to gather information. The choices we make will lead to four different endings, although only one involves staying alive. The beginning of the story is a bit weak. The interesting thing comes when the identity of the antagonist is revealed and everything makes sense. There are two possibilities that Eli will lead both surprising and tragic paths. Tension is guaranteed right up to the last second.

The best part of the game is in its artistic realm. Carbajales used expressionism to draw the environments and key characters. These are trichromatic illustrations (white, black and red) that were created with a marker and pen and then scanned. They are drawings with a point of deformity trying to instill some concern in the player. The trauma soundtrack consists of songs by Kevin McLeod, a musician with a Creative Commons license recognized for creating environmental pieces. Without a doubt, it adapts very well to the situations that it accompanies.

The trauma lasts 15 minutes in the longest lap. Coupled with the replayability offered by its multiple endings, it’s perfect to enjoy for lunch or snack time. Or just when you want to try something different that doesn’t take up much of your time.

You Survived: Trauma is free and can be downloaded here.

Sergio Ortuño’s recommendation: Effie.

Of the great Spanish indies games that we recommend in this post, I’d like to add my two cents with one of the titles that were recently released on Steam that you can buy on PlayStation 4 as well. A video game created thanks to PlayStation Talents and Lanzadera, developed by Inverge Studios very close to my city, in the province of Alicante: Effie.

When I had the opportunity to analyze Effie, I plunged into her world. It was three very nice days that I spent with Galand, a young man who was bewitched by a witch to look older and who is looking for her to destroy the spell. The story is told like a story a grandfather tells his granddaughter.

It’s a fun hack n ‘slash in which you relieve stress, take control and beat anything that moves, as well as discover and solve puzzles in up to three dungeons plus a tutorial with your own boss finale. We can do the order we want as we surf through a huge red meadow at full speed. Here, too, part of Effie’s charm lies in disconnecting, moving around the world and exploring all the details that its developers have built in. This is what we need most of all right now: rest, switching off and having fun, and that’s Effie.

Tel-K recommendation: Debris Infinity.

Debris Infinity is an asteroid game that will amaze your 4k monitor at 60 Hz. Of course you can enjoy it less …