08 Aug 2022

Why you should consider playing video games?

Normally, parents end up focusing more attention on the harms than the benefits of video games , but digital games are already part of modern childhood. If you know how to control excess, video games can be a powerful tool to help children develop certain skills.

Just as physical exercise helps to improve and strengthen muscles, games exercise the brain with constant stimulation, thus improving intellectual performance. Following are some of the benefits of video games for kids.

However, we emphasize that it is necessary to ensure that your children play in moderation. It’s also important to choose the right game, as not all of them offer the same benefits. Age must also be taken into account, as young children should not be exposed to violent play.

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10 Benefits of playing video games often

1. Improved social skills

Online games allow many players to participate in a game simultaneously. As such, there is constant communication between players, which in turn results in the development of meaningful and casual relationships between them.

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This helps children to find new friends as well as strengthen bonds with their old friends.

2. Teach to follow rules

If your child is naughty, video games can help with that. Games involve rules. This means that the player needs to think carefully before making any moves so as not to break the rules of the game. You need to make split-second decisions that will determine whether you will advance to the next level.

3. Improved memory and concentration

Playing requires visual and auditory memory. The player is required to read or listen to the instructions, which are announced at the start of the game, so there is a need to remember them throughout the game. Mastering the keyboard or control keys also requires memorization, which improves your memory, whether short or long term.

Also, many games demand a lot of player attention during the game. And that need can help your child be a more focused person.

4. Improves thinking

While playing, the brain receives various stimuli, both visual and auditory. Children who play video games frequently can process these stimuli more quickly than children who don’t.

These stimuli ensure that the brain is continually working to interpret them, and consequently improve reasoning.

5. Visual-spatial skills

Many games – like Minecraft – are set in 3D virtual worlds that kids need to navigate. And there is no GPS map app in the game.

The result is that children who play these games get a chance to practice their visual-spatial skills. This can lead to a better understanding of distance and space.

6. Improves multitasking skills

An action game requires a lot of attention from the player, and not only that, but also the ability to do multiple things at once. You need to move the keyboard or controller keys while watching the various features on the screen, such as energy levels, approaching opponents, remaining ammo, available time, among other factors, all vital to victory. This ensures that the player can observe and react according to all game requirements.

7. Stimulates reading

Studies show that kids who play video games can get a little boost in their reading skills. This is because children need to understand text instructions to play.

Children who are reluctant to open a traditional book may rush to a website or Internet forum to learn more about their favorite game.

8. Games teach English

Most of the games kids like to play have English words, and even the consoles themselves have two familiar English keys. This will help your child become familiar with the language and is important in learning.

9. Approaches the country and sons

With the rush of everyday life, parents and children often fail to share moments together. But if you’re a fan of games, know that it’s a great opportunity to play with your child.

Also, playing video games side-by-side encourages easy conversation, which in turn can encourage your child to talk more about their day with you.

10. It can become a profession

Gaming can also be a very profitable profession. The 16-year-old winners of the first Fortnite World Tournament won $3 million. The other 99 solo finalists won $50,000 to $1.8 million each.

Just like in professional sports, the chances of becoming a professional video game player are very slim. However, the video game industry is growing much faster than traditional sports and entertainment. In addition, there are many careers in this growing industry – careers like programming, internet systems, marketing or design.

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