“They are only a minority who cause a lot of trouble” is an idea that I am absolutely convinced of. Every time a controversy arises and the most stale voices in the video game sector pop up, I repeat this phrase like a mantra.

‘They are only a minority’, I claim when thousands of votes rate a video game with 0 points because two girls are kissing or when criticism is voiced of a work because a female soldier appears on the cover. Even those who use deep reflections with great imagination to defend their homophobic, racist, sexist and / or violent theses with Kirby, a pink ball that flies or an Italian plumber with a mustache) are also in the minority . I bet they are the same ones who think it’s unreal that a woman can have muscle, but they don’t see any inconvenience in controlling a sucked cat in Fortnite.

They are a minority, I emphasize, because I know that social networks are only part of the population. And the people who use them for destructive purposes are only a small percentage. But as is common in too many aspects of life, giving a stick usually has more visibility and impact than a hundred kisses. I firmly believe that society cannot be so rotten that the “norm” is the existence of people who deem it appropriate to insult the voice actress of a certain character or to molest and destroy an employee of a company, because they decide, In their spare time, enjoy a competing company’s video game. They are a minority armed with insults and protected by the anonymity and immunity of social networks. And we all know. Even the insulted know that certain voices don’t deserve to be heard. But they do the same damage, because excessive and irrational hatred leaves deep wounds. And there is killing, as we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

You are a minority, I keep repeating myself, although I am reading more and more pessimistic opinions from colleagues on websites, professional journalists, developers or gamers who complain bitterly about the amount of violence and hatred that the industry exudes. They say there is a world a long way to improve and that these trolls are ruining a wonderful industry. And I understand. How can one oppose journalists whose texts – from which they may not even get a financial advantage – become a gateway for insults and aggression that can pose a health hazard? How not to think about it when there are ” ” ” fans ” ” ” of companies whose existence seems to be based on hatred of rivals. By the way, at the top of stupid battles should be the console war on the podium (the second step would be the debate about where to hatch an egg from Gulliver’s travels).

Trolls, cro-magnons and haters are a minority like those who offend football. In fact, the beautiful games and video games are becoming increasingly comparable. They arouse passions, entertain, inspire, are universal and in both cases the attitude of a small group tarnishes the image of the entire industry. When a crowd insults the referee or a player, it is often claimed that it is a few, a reduced focus that does not represent all of the fans and that they should be ignored. Perhaps it is time to put some responsibility on the rest of the crowd, who are silent and allow the insult, as well as those who have the power to judge, to prevent, and not to do. Same in video game.

That I am not misunderstood that they are a minority does not mean that it is a minor matter. On the other hand; Right now it’s one of the big problems in the industry. We must do all we can to combat social network harassment, machismo, violence and all other forms of hatred. It is still true that social networks are something new, the use of which is difficult to regulate and it is difficult to determine what should and should not be allowed. I will not be the one who has the solution to such a debate, but one thing is clear to me: in the fight against intolerance – in any area – there is no neutral position. Silence, spreading the word about the attacker, not denouncing him or simply “letting him go” means clearing the way for him to continue his campaign carefree.

This is not a text that has a clear conclusion. I’m not a person who is prone to exaggeration, but I’ve written this last paragraph about seven hundred and forty-seven times, so I’ll go for the simple, quick, and mediocre way out (like almost everything I write): the optimistic, breakfast cup worthy . Those who offend, attack, and pollute the world we love so much are a minority, despite the fact that they cause so much trouble that it is hard to believe. They have a dynamic and a desire to hurt you that make you shiver, with an impact and visibility that you shouldn’t have; It’s true, but I realize that those who respect people’s work, express constructive criticism, show tolerance and, most importantly, enjoy playing and not hate, are the vast majority.

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