Because Nintendo didn’t develop any online games until Splatoon. Just a few years ago, Sony was developing in VR. Not even MercurySteam had touched the Hack’n’Slash until Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I am not going to say that everyone is good at everything, but I will always say that they are not bad until proven otherwise. Even the equipment within a studio does not have to be the same after a few years. There is a volatility here that the gamer’s mind, sometimes too closed, cannot see.

One person told me, “It’s amazing how Guerrilla Games did the mediocre killzone and by going into the open world with Horizon: Zero Dawn they have proven themselves to be geniuses.” The same person who also said, “How do you give this IP to a studio that has never done anything like this?” Stop. It’s enough. Believing that a company doesn’t know how to produce titles of a particular genre is not only stupid, it’s a toxic and ridiculous attitude that continues even after year after year it is shown that it doesn’t make sense.

It’s strange to see people defending aspects of The Last of Us Part II and wanting to exterminate other people, but at the same time they have such archaic thoughts as having a company doing projects in certain playable genres. Better not give them others so that it doesn’t go wrong, which is the most likely option in his head. So “progressive” for some things and so old-fashioned for others. Nothing could be further from reality, it is in the nature of humans to reinvent themselves, to try new things and to take a break from the old. This is how Amnesia Fortnight was born, an internal game jam (video game creation competition) in which Double Fine employees wanted to take a two-week break from the longstanding development of Brutal Legend. It happened out of spiritual necessity and the tradition was continued annually, also in partnership with Humble Bundle, so that, among other things, we test the prototypes that were created.

As participants in a modern society, we are aware of the risk of stagnating again and again in an activity. It’s dangerous, very dangerous. Change is good and necessary. Many may like it, not so many. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes comes to mind. It’s not a game in the saga, but a spin-off to introduce new players to the character of Travis Touchdown. And from Grasshopper Manufacture, they knew we were a whole generation without even knowing about them, and taking No More Heroes III directly couldn’t be the best strategy. But that wasn’t the main thing. They wanted to try different ways of playing the character, the saga, its essence. And the fact is that Travis is more than a specific camera view or a struggle with specific characteristic movements. We talk about what’s in the head of Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51. Humor, satire, aesthetics, the gesture of reloading the typical weapon of teenage humor, references to wrestling, the disrespect of practically all characters, etc. The essence goes beyond what is obvious at first sight and we must never forget that.

And the fact is that many of the things we enjoy would not exist unless new things were tried. Among them the Indies. The pure definition of making another product out of love for it and / or to survive in the industry. Both valid and strong, in my humble opinion.

The famous Henry Ford quote comes to mind: “If I had asked people what they wanted, the answer would have been a faster horse.” Ford went further and created the automobile. After that, it was celebrated by the whole world (except for the ozone layer, which was wondering, “And that little hole?”). Of course, not everything will be like the previous example and there will be horror stories of those who risked and lost, but this emotion is necessary to achieve the previously unattainable.