Since DeVuego was born in 2013, it has always been a charitable project by definition. However, its steady growth over these years has made its upkeep an important factor, at least for a person. I looked for ways to reduce this burden and I managed to get even a small surplus, which I kept investing in the project itself, a small part coming from my personal patreon.

I’ve been with my Patreon on a personal level for years, with the aim of supporting people who support me as the creator of various projects: DubbingVideogames, GamerDic and DeVuego myself. I’ve never had more than a dozen employers, but at least most of them have been constant so that the annual amount was used to offset a large part of the expenses incurred. But it’s clear that my Patreon’s personal approach hadn’t worked.

February 2019, a turning point

In the course of 2019, DeVuego experienced important changes. Thanks to the excellent work of the old authors and a number of new additions in February, we were able to increase the quantity and quality of the blog posts. We have grown from a few games per year with prestigious titles on the way to more than 50 titles in the form of reviews, articles or news. This means that a large percentage of the titles released that year could be found on the internet in one way or another.

This growth has given us enough energy to embark on new adventures with the aim of enriching the content of the web. Some of these projects have already taken their first steps, others have yet to start:

  • DeVCast. The most media project of the past year and one that has received so many complaints from both the public and the team members themselves: a monthly podcast in which we talk about international matches and make recommendations.
  • Reviews section. Where we house video game books along with the CODEX section of the database.
  • Article section. We want to stop limiting ourselves to informing and analyzing games in order to talk deeper about them and treat them for the cultural object that they are.
  • Special envoy. Our desire is to send editors to the various video game fairs and events to write reports.

Of course we’re ambitious and want to keep growing, but always with our feet on the ground. Consolidating these areas and making DeVuego a reference website for Spanish video games are our medium and long-term goals.

People who are so committed to DeVuego need and deserve their own Patreon to represent them.

But all these changes and new projects also mean more effort and personal effort, and I believe that the people who get involved in DeVuego in such a special way need and deserve their own Patreon to represent them.

For this reason, because it is clear that DeVuego is my main project and why the patrons I had supported so far deny it for precisely this reason, I have decided that my Patreon will be DeVuegos from now on.

Changes and news on Patreon

Logically we want the more people to support us, the better. What has been my Patreon so far has not only changed aesthetically. We decided to give it a new twist and offer new and better rewards in the form of exclusive content, materials or video games. The goal is to find resources, expand and improve the content, and try to fill in any gaps we may have. For example, depending on the amount of funds we can raise, we can:

  • Send editors to the various video game fairs to reduce the financial burden involved.
  • Acquire material or platforms we lack to cover more games. For example, high-quality microphones for podcast VR glasses to analyze compatible games
  • Pay for any external collaboration on time
  • Purchase games and books for analysis, articles or texts on any topic.
  • If necessary, reward the regular editors, albeit minimally.

Rewards for patrons

We see Patreon as an aid to promote and improve the project through the readers and the gamer community. But we also believe that the people who give us a cable deserve a reward commensurate with their financial commitment. For this reason, after intensive discussion in our office, we have set these premiums based on the amount to be paid in each month:

  • $ 1. You will receive timely information about the progress of new projects and updates before anyone else.
  • $ 2. The previous reward + a special podcast exclusively for patrons. This podcast is generally published every two months and has a varied topic, but always related to the Spanish video game.
  • $ 5. The above rewards + you can vote for the exclusive podcast theme + a DeVuego t-shirt when you keep the Patreon for 10 months.
  • $ 10. The rewards so far, with the exception that the shirt will be delivered after 5 months + a Spanish video game every two months + a second exclusive podcast on this video game. The game will be sourced from Steam and selection is the responsibility of the editor who is recording the podcast.
  • $ 20. The previous rewards, with the exception that the shirt is delivered after 3 months + the possibility to propose a topic for the exclusive podcast (the second stage).
  • If someone is interested in a more generous contribution, they can contact us at [email protected] and we will analyze the proposal.

To all of this we must add our infinite gratitude. There has been a lot of work behind the web and the database, and we are happy that it is valued and useful by the public. All extended information can be found on our Patreon page.