In the years that I’ve followed the Spanish development landscape closely, I’ve seen some changes, some improvements and some things that have stayed the same. In our country, we’re not just developing mobile games or promotional games anymore, we’ve been part of the independent video game boom, and we have – and make – great products under this umbrella.

Looking to the future, more and more ambitious projects are emerging, especially at the technical level. The new possibilities offered by major graphics engines like Unity or even the Unreal Engine allow for this level increase in the technical area, but there is also a push from developers to reach higher and higher production levels. Maybe more noticeable, at least for the general public, if we want to understand it that way.

However, despite the fact that every day I discover new and interesting projects, new studios that are born with good conditions and better prepared people than ever before, I continue to notice this lack of commercial vision, the great Achilles’ heel of our development.

Dozens of studios continue to spring up in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, but almost none seem willing to go a little further than the indie game’s tightrope will allow. More and more studios continue to have two, four, six or at most 10 members, and their projects, as interesting as they may seem, never break with the independent gaming stereotype we have in mind. I think we need more ambition.

Do not get me wrong. I want, wish and understand that we need to continue to maintain constant indie development, but in my opinion it’s about time someone stepped up and decided on a bigger, bigger product that could appeal to the big crowd and claim a little more attention for our branch, which is not ready yet, but yes. We can’t get enough of MercurySteam or the ever-growing Tequila Works. Ultimately, we need more studios that want to make a triple-A game.

Yes, I know that a studio with the capacity to produce a major video game doesn’t happen overnight, it’s easier to start with small projects and small risks. But I also believe that it is possible to combine all these small efforts into one big collective effort that can overcome the biggest barriers and difficulties. What if instead of 10 studios with 5 people, one was created with 50 people? The business field is not mine, but I’m sure that if you join forces, you could achieve great things, both personally and financially. Of course at the expense of a higher risk, but also a greater effort.

Arturo Monedero (Delirium Studios) recently commented to FS Gamer that he supports the creation of an indie development cooperative. His proposal referred to an association of developers at the release, promotion, etc. level, which also strikes me as an interesting idea, but we would probably continue to produce the same type of product. My idea goes in a different direction: uniting from the ground up, creating bigger studios and therefore bigger productions.

Perhaps in our country we have very creative people who would rather feel actively involved in development than spend the day with building blocks, as they say, which of course is wonderful. But if that’s the case, maybe we need more video game developers, more people who are able to contribute their grain of sand to a larger cause.

I repeat that I love independent Spanish development and I think it should continue in all its fullness, but nobody wants to do a triple A?