Second part of our series of special texts in which various video game professionals share their thoughts on their favorites of the decade. A few days ago one of the most relevant developers in our country, Locomalito, gave us his very interesting list. Today Alba ‘Zahira’ Pardos is our guest.

The difficult, perhaps impossible, task would be to find someone who has played as much Spanish product and with as much depth as Alba over the past 10 years. This Zaragoza is the creator of ZINDIES, a project where she streams Spanish video games while interviewing the developers. A gold mine, an endless source of anecdotes and an unbeatable way to meet games, developers and ultimately get into our industry. In addition, for a year we are very fortunate to be able to count on her in our newsroom as she is an important part of DeVuego and its recent growth. The existence of projects like DeVCast, the Twitch channel or the DeVuego interviews and many others is due in large part to their impulse, their energy and their commitment. In short, a number that has turned in the Spanish video game industry and continues to do so. A voice with a lot of luggage, with a lot of games in his backpack, with endless stories and which the video game was not only fun, but completely changed his life. We leave you the choice of games which I expect will be very worthwhile.

To say that it is very difficult for me to write these lines because there are so many games that I have fond memories of that I don’t fit all of them and I had to make a selection. I’ve decided to highlight the ones that are most important to me because they have shaped me personally in one way or another over the decade. So I approach the text very subjectively and personally.

Invizimals – Novarama, Saga 2009-2016

When I bought the first one I didn’t know it was Spanish (I know it’s a scam because it came out in 2009 but I’m taking the poetic license to record it as a saga). I’ve lived in ignorance like general consumers who don’t look at what degree or where the games you buy come from. I didn’t care who made it, I just liked the idea of ​​the product and bought it and enjoyed it like a dwarf. I put my PSP in for many hours and at one point had to buy a charger with a long cord to turn around while playing. I felt again the excitement I had with my first Pokémon (floppy disk and total pirate) and this feeling makes me dust my trap for Invizimals from time to time and recharge it by enjoying every capture and fight.

Kromaia – Krakenreich, 2014

It was the first game I played because I knew it was a Spanish product … and from Zaragoza! It’s a challenging game with lots of secrets that few people know (only the hardcore players) and that invites you to explore the beaten path, which I absolutely recommend … have you tried reaching the sun?

Who would tell me that years later I would start in this live interview with one of its creators (Antonio Iglesias) and who would tell me the thousands of other things that have happened and are a part of me every day.

Interview (Alba’s first) with Kraken Empire

Spanish video games Alba Kromaia decade

MechaNika and Agatha Knife “Psychotic Girls” – Mango Protocol, 2015-2017

The last graphic adventures I played were those of Mortadelo and Filemón, the Pink Panther and Ace Ventura … and suddenly I find myself in the psychotic universe. A world of sour and black humor, intelligent conversations and, above all, lots of laughter. I could immediately feel close to these two girls, these two “weirdos” in people their own age with their own thoughts and tastes. I’m just saying that playing these games as a teenager would have been of great moral support to me.

Also say that I met the good people at Mango Protocol on my first “trip” to a great video game fair. When I first started looking for indie games and future interviews, it was of course a great year.

Mango Protocol Interview about MechaNika

Alchemical Tournaments – Lunatic Pixels, 2016

It’s a shame that this game is no longer known. For me it is without a doubt the most difficult game in the strategy genre that I have ever played. All the combinations of elements it offers and the possibilities to create your best “deck” made my head explode. It is definitely a game for strategists and good minds. A challenge with all the letters.

It really impressed me because I know that I can never pass it on and it amazed me how far a game with “few” elements that can be combined can go.

Interview with Lunatic Pixels

Spanish video games Alba Alchemic decade

Ghost 1.0 and Mini Ghost – Francisco Téllez de Meneses, 2016-2017

To say that I played UnEpic years ago but didn’t get around to spending it because of the things in life – although I still gradually complete it in my free time – but I already knew the distinctive humor that Fran brings them to their games.

I set out to conquer the Nakamura and of course I wasn’t disappointed with the script, the fantastic dubbing (really good in my opinion), the difficulty curve, the art … etc. It’s a very strong combination that sets the bar very high lays. So big that he created his mini version, in which you can even design your main character and also … I’m in the game! It was quite a detail from Fran that I really appreciate.

Interview with Francisco Téllez about MiniGhost

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal – Drakhar Studio, 2016

Ginger was a game I enjoyed as a dwarf … a dwarf who discovered a wonderful world in Spyro and rediscovered it with this adorable blue character. I was fascinated by their worlds and their adventures, although the boss left me a little cold. Anyway, it seemed like a great game to enjoy around the house for both adults and the little ones.

Thanks also to the Drakhar team for the wonderful details they had with me, they gave me two ginger dolls! (I confess that the first – the one signed by the entire team – was eaten by Okami and that’s why I have the second, which I keep as one of my most precious treasures).

Interview with Drakhar Studio

Spanish video games Alba Ginger decade

Six Sides of the World – Cybernetics Design, 2016

Little known 3D puzzle game in which logic and orientation play an important role. I love puzzles and I really enjoyed this one; It’s quite an experience for those looking for medium challenge and puzzles that you can solve in 10/15 minutes. Eye! It doesn’t mean they are all quick to resolve, some require sharpening your mind and squeezing your brains together.

I liked knowing that there are still people who bet and take risks in this small niche market to play this type of game. It opened my eyes even more and showed me that there are no limits when it comes to genres in video games.

Cybernetics Design Interview

Spanish video game decade Alba Six pagesAddicting and unknown puzzle game.

A Hole New World – Mad Gear Games, 2017

Not only did this game take me back to the days of tube TVs, but it was also the first national indie game that I played on maximum difficulty! I enjoyed it pixel by pixel even though a boss came to mind.

Also say that it was the first international interview in which, according to respondents, they also met for the first time and all looked at each other at the same time. It was a spectacular experience and since then I have had great respect for them and I really value them as a team and have a great affection for them (especially Miguel Murat, who seems a beautiful person to me).

Mad Gear Games interview

Spanish video game decade Alba A Hole New World

The Crow’s Eye – 3d2 Entertainment, 2017

I was surprised by the complexity of the narrative and script that they had despite being their first game as “just starting out” in the world and as a studio. The game has a great story and really good attitude considering the resources they had. If you like crime thrillers and detective novels, you can’t miss it!

I had the pleasure of meeting you personally and presenting the awards ceremony where you received your well-deserved first prize.

Interview with 3d2 Entertainment

Spanish video games Alba Decade The crow's eye

Farm Together – Milkstone Studios, 2018

A game that lies in the hearts of many DeVuego employees and should not be missing on this list. We laughed a lot and shared great times plowing land, planting, and running makeshift tractor races! Without a doubt, the one who knows the most about this game on the team is Yova (you can not imagine what all he has in the game, he deserves admiration). Saying he’s cheating and having mini-assistants tossing him a cable, but that’s a different story.

Farm Together is a lovable, laid-back game, and as calm as you want it to be, both alone and with friends and family – it’s for all audiences – and it offers great hidden lessons in some very easy and quick-to-learn mechanics.

Farm Together gameplay with cameo by Américo Ferraiuolo

Spanish video games Alba Farm Together decadeIn the world of Farm Together, Yova is king

Infernium – Carlos Coronado, 2018

I appreciate Carlos, but I hate Infernium, the only game that really traumatized me. I was having such a bad time playing it that I couldn’t continue playing due to the level of stress it was creating. It made such an impression on me that I played Koral with fear and without being able to enjoy thinking that I was going to get a bloody blanket or some high-pitched noise that would remind me of those bad hours I spent. ..